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What a Mess

Feb 10, 2013, Preacher: Pastor Matt Perkins

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Text: Genesis 27:1-40

Isaac is the patriarch and in his dying days his desire was to bless Esau his eldest son.  He instructed Esau to prepare savory meat and that he would bless him.  However, Rebekah steps in and spoils the plan by tricking Isaac.  It works and Jacob steals Esau’s blessing.  Esau ends up hating his brother and threatens to kill him in verse 41.

What a mess!

There are four glaring problems:

  • Isaac was out of line.

-Isaac knew that “the elder shall serve the younger”
-Isaac loved Esau because “he ate of his venison” (Playing favorites)

  • Rebekah was out of line.

-Conniving against her husband Isaac
-All of the deception and deceitfulness
-She loved Jacob more than Esau (Playing favorites)

    • Jacob was out of line.

-He went along with his mother’s plan
-He got all mixed up in the deception
-Pretending and lying

    • Esau was out of line.

-He desired what belonged to Isaac
-He was selfish

What did God do with this mess?

Although we see many faults and failures… we best remember Isaac as the promised seed.  The one who intreated the Lord when Rebekah was barren and Rebekah conceived.  We remember him by this phrase, “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  Through all the human frailty, Isaac was used greatly by God.    We remember Rebekah standing by the well and saying exactly what the servant prayed for.  She went with that servant trusting God without delay and she became an essential part of God’s will.  Jacob… even though he was a mess, God used him greatly! He finally changed his ways after wrestling with the angel and God used him mightily. The fact is that God got the victory over the mountain of human failures!  It did not spoil God’s plan. Nothing has changed! God still gets victory over our human failures!

No stain is to deep for the cleansing power of the Redeemer!