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Peace Through His Blood

Mar 24, 2013, Preacher: Pastor Matt Perkins

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Text: Colossians 1:9-20

All of the prophets gave witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Angels from Heaven testified, the Apostles and even Jesus Himself. However there is something that stands above all these testimonies… THE RESURRECTION! Our eternal life and hope rests in the fact that Christ rose from the dead. Death came before victory and victory requires effort, sacrifice and selflessness.

America is in unrest.  Financially we are very unstable, healthcare is uncertain and the constitution itself is being pushed out and disregarded. Not only America, but the world is in unrest. Although we hear of many tragedies and wars in the news media… it is estimated that we only hear about 20% of what actually happens in the world. Matthew 26 speaks of wars and rumors of war.

The reason for all this unrest is sin. It all started in Genesis 3:6-7 when man sinned against God. Peace is illusive because of sin. There are three groups of sinners.

1. Those that justify their sin.
2. Those that seek peace through personal accomplishment.
3. Those that understand that peace will only come through faith in Christ.

Acts 15:9

“You’ll get nowhere with God pretending you are all right or pretending you can make yourself right!”

Trust Christ today and you can have “Peace Through His Blood.”