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Lest Any Man Fail

Mar 17, 2013, Preacher: Pastor Matt Perkins

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Text: Genesis 35:1-29

God’s grace is infinite just as the songs says… however, our opportunities for experiencing the grace of God are not infinite.  Jacob has been an exceedingly deceitful man, but God has remained faithful and has still been the God of Jacob.  God has given grace continually through visions, angels and blessings.  Maybe you are living like Jacob… God has repeatedly tried to get your attention and has gotten very little to no response from you.  Jacob finally got things right but not everyone does.  Some wait until it’s too late.  Time will run out some day and the grace that God has extended to you will not longer be available for you to accept.  Some never get saved.  Some people that are saved never get right with God.  God is extending grace.  Will you accept it or will you be the one that fails to receive the grace that was so wonderfully extended to you?

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