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Independence Day

Author David Wood, Written Jul 4, 2012


Hi Everyone!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! What a privilege to be called an American! However, how much more incredible to be called a child of God! All of that and God still sees fit to place me in a wonderful church! I had the privilege of visiting with Bro. Moses & Mrs. Cindy Yoder this past Saturday and I learned how special they truly are. As I observed the caring spirit each of them have it encouraged and challenged me. God really used them in Vermont and I am so thankful that they had the opportunity to return to Vermont for a visit. It was a special Sunday service that I will remember for years to come. We had a great group for this special day in the Lord’s house. Bro. Moses & Mrs. Cindy spent the Sunday school service updating us on their ministry and sharing their testimonies. Bro. Moses posed a question to each of us… “What is your life?” Many are looking back on the past asking “What was my life?” but we need to be looking for what our life can be for God. What is you life right now? Stop dwelling on the past, live now for God and serve Him with all your heart each day. Very wise words from a man of God! Let’s take a look at the preaching this week.


Thursday Evening: …………..PRAYER SERVICE…………

Sunday Morning: Title: “All Things” Text: Ephesians 1:3-11, 22

The Christian life is not just a Sunday thing! It’s all week, every place, with your children and family, and at work… all are encompassed. Our future is bright because of our Lord and we sorrow not as others that have no hope! One day our Lord will gather all things together to Himself and every knee will bow! Others believe He will not return and look to the future with skepticism. Many try to motivate themselves by getting on a program and filling their lives with “purpose” but God wants us to be driven by His person. We need an understanding that God has a purpose for all things and has power over all things! This realization should lead us to Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;” Isn’t it great that God is working in all things! He loves us and cares so much for us!

Sunday Evening: Title: “The Centurion ” Text: Luke 7:1-10

The centurion, who was a leader in the roman army, came to Jesus for help for his servant that was sick and about to die. As Jesus began to go in the direction of the man’s house where the servant was… the centurion sent a friend to meet Jesus and tell Him he wasn’t worthy that Jesus enter his house, but if Jesus would just speak the word then his servant would be healed. WHAT GREAT FAITH! That’s exactly what Jesus was thinking. Jesus didn’t marvel at his riches, power or whit… Jesus saw his faith and was impressed. Some of the characteristics of his faith were generosity, humility and his exhibition to Christ. Generosity to a man that couldn’t repay. Humility that he didn’t see himself worthy for Christ to enter his home. Also, he exhibited great faith and worth to Christ in Verse 7 by acknowledging that Jesus could just say the word. May we live with this much faith! Let us be generous to those who cannot repay us. I really appreciated the quote about Humility… “it is not thinking less of yourself but not thinking of yourself at all. We are worth something because of the price that was paid for our redemption but we are not worthy. Others are observing and we ought to express our faith in Christ. Let others know that you believe God!


I am up to Ezekiel 42. Others are in Luke, II Kings and I Samuel. I enjoy others telling me what they are learning from their daily Bible reading. Keep it up. If you aren’t reading or are not accountable to anyone… I would love to help! Growth will only come through a daily personal relationship with God. If you are trying to make it through the Christian life without a daily walk with God you will soon become frustrated and exhausted. It really does matter. Give priority to God!


I hope you are able to celebrate our nations independence. God has greatly blessed our nation! I believe it is God’s desire to continue to bless our nation if we will only turn to Him. Does it seem hopeless? Nothing is impossible with my God! I am thankful and proud to be an American. I am thankful to have the freedom to worship God! I am thankful for those that have given their time, ability and lives for our safety and freedom. Live for the Lord today. Reach out to someone today with the GOOD NEWS!

God Bless,
Bro. David

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