Sunday 9:30am, 10:30am & 6:00pm / Thursday 6:30pm 296 S. Main St, Hardwick, VT

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Thank you for visiting our Website. I recently read an article written by Dr. Paul Chappell in which he wrote, “You can search the world over for a perfect church, and you’ll never find one…Or you can commit to follow Christ by continuing to assemble in the local church and display His grace to other imperfect people.” That’s exactly where we are – imperfect people striving to grow and mature in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Hardwick Bible Baptist Church you won’t find a modern facility, a large gifted choir, or the latest technology. But you will find a group of people who love the Lord, love one another, and have an honest desire to be different tomorrow than we are today – the Christian walk is not about spiritual perfection, but spiritual growth. If your desire is to know more about the God of the Bible and what His desire is for your life, we’d like to encourage you to attend our services at the times shown on our site. Thank you, and may God bless.

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